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June 16, 2009


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your "spot" in the exhibition is absolutely gorgeous. sooo much eye candy. and i love your studio set up ideas and inspo :]


Ben Button does have some lovely moments, it's a shame it's sooo long & has so many pointless scenes in. Time Travellers Wife is one of my all time favourite books! I can't wait for the film. Hope you've had fun with the exhibition, looks cool.

amy lapi

i loved this movie. those photos areso inspiring :)


Hiii girl. We dont know eachother, i just found your flickr while looking for something and i watched (not all of them cause theres too many!) a big part of your pics and my god its amazing. Im in love in particular with the ones you took for the band PennyRoyal, probably friends of yours. Its veryyy good. Anyway, congratulations! :)
I wanted to ask you something about it. Im coming to London for a week (from august 29th to september 5th) soo if ever you knew some great places to hang out by night please tell me! :)


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