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August 25, 2010


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Shanta Devi

Hi! :) As a frequent reader of your blog, and fellow artist, I appreciate your honesty and dedication to your craft. I think that it takes a lot of courage and awareness to be honest about yourself, especially to strangers, and in a public forum, so thank you! Your artwork is beautiful, and so are you -- may you always be inspired to keep at it! http://www.thescribbleproject.blogspot.com ) and your new art supplies -- I love buying new supplies. <333


Shanta Devi

Oops -- my comment got chopped in half (sorry!). With the link, I was referring to a doodle site called the Scribble Project, which I was reminded of because of your doodle pages mention -- not a personal promo link, I promise. ;) Also, was mentioning that I'm excited about your new supplies...:)

Desiree Fawn

Oh gosh, this is all brilliant.
I'm obsessed with doilies -- LOVE it.


Keep journaling and sharing what you want and need to. You know I love you no matter what.

Also, I wish you were my roommate. Oh the fun and beauty we'd have.

Hannah Clare

Oh, your pages are exquisite! The detailing is brilliant.

emily p-s

You're journal pages are lovely - thank you for sharing, and for your honesty. I love the water colors.
(I'm also obsessed with True Blood right now - so good!)

amy lapi

wowwww. i love them all esp the 2 last ones. <3


inks and drawing paper! amazing!

thanks for sharing, its how i feel at the moment but im not letting myself express it much. your illustrations are so beautiful, i love the dots graduating in colour, i wish i could use paint in the way you do. x

love to meet you one day.


im struggling feeling like your pages and trying to work.
curling up in a ball in my office doesnt seem acceptable.
sometimes i feel so embarassed

michael ann

your water colors are so gorgeous! i just got mine back out and have been having a lot of fun playing with them. your pages are certainly inspiring :]


Hey i've made a little sketchbook with all my crochet experiments recently and last night i dug out my watercolours and had the confidence to start painting it :)
thank you for the inspiration


These are amazing. I love it. It would be soo freaking awesome if you did a tutorial on watercolour. I took a course that did a little bit on it, but I would love to see how you do it. :)


wow. the curl up in a ball page is amazing. i love it. the circles, the dots, the colours, the words all scrunched in the middle. it is perfect!

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