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November 16, 2010


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Your house looks so cosy and warm! What an awesome atmosphere, I'd love to have a butterbeer party! xoxo


Aaaaah. Magic.

Also, the what I wore pictures in the post below are super lovely.


This is awesome! As I am typing this I am making Pumpkin Pastries and bread shaped as the Sorting Hat! I have a HP themed dinner tomorrow night =]


This is fantastic! I am definitely going to try it out, thanks!

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i think this recipe is wonderful! I'm a huge harry potter fan and this matched the description in the book! But, I found it hard to find butterscotch so i used caramel. Many of the other reviews say that the original recipe is to sweet so i think the caramel is a great replacement for the butterscotch. It still has the same bubbly effect and all. I hope you find this helpful!

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