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October 07, 2011


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Lisa Gutierrez

Oh maaan! Everything is sososo lovely! I want some of that handspun!

Rita Jo

OMG!!! The vests!!! They're divine! I know you'll sell them all ;)

Have a great sale! Good luck!


I love the vest!!


Oh, how sweet is that granny square vest?! I love the names you gave your yarn, too. All that creativity in one place! :)

Twinkie Chan


Catherine Sparrey

heyyy. i met you earlier today! apologises for my awkwardness :/ i just felt strange talking to you as i kinda feel like i somewhat know you from following your blog. sorry if that is major creepy!

how did the rest of the afternoon go?! does your friend have a blog too? (i liked her glasses &was gonna say but then i got distracted by my awkwardness &forgot about it. but yeah, they were pretty nice!)

http://www.loreal-paris.co.uk/hair-colour/all-over-color/feria/74_Mango_Intense_Copper.aspx this is the dye that i completely didn't know of off the top of my head. i reeaally like this dye but unfortunately can't redye it this colour as work won't allow 'unnatural hair colour'. it's okay, i'm sure i can wait until i'm no longer working in that place to re-do it :)

nice to meet you btw. i also forgot to add that in my panic. X



Congrats about showing at Renegade!
I love your knitting samples ~ they inspire me to experiment with my own knitting (although I still need to practice A LOT).

Michelle Clement

Aaw - I sooo wish I could've just hopped on over the ocean and visited you there!! I hope you had a blast! :)

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