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April 06, 2012


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Nurhayathxcy J

This is too cute! Such good idea for organizing yarn too :D


rad idea!



very cute. I love all the color it brings!


This is simply amazing, I am absolutely in love with this idea. Kind of makes me wish I had tons of yarn laying around to do this with, hehe.


Mademoiselle Marie

I love displaying yarn around the house - it makes for a warm and comfortable atmosphere :)
and I love the picture of Negs :D


I love love LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE this!!! I may have to borrow your idea! Ahhh! such a great way to store yarn. Looks so nice!


That is such a good idea! Basket up on the wall = ingenious


I just adore the way you have the yarn presented. I can see why it would be such an inspiration every day :)

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