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June 30, 2012


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Beautiful post. Beautiful person.

Desiree Fawn

Wonderful. You are fabulous. Keep on being you <3


Love this. I feel like we would be best friends if we lived near each other, we're so alike!!


This was just so lovely. Its amazing how people can feel so connected living thousands of miles away.


Intriguing; gives away a little but not too much


Wow. Your words are powerful - and so are you! The way you approach life is so refreshing and quite similar to my own. I struggle with the same thoughts and issues daily, so it's wonderful to find an honest post about the positives and the negatives. <3 You're lovely.


This is a wonderful post x


This is beautiful.


That's why you are an artist. In the joys and in the sorrows.
Very happy to be here!
Kisses from Italy,
Zelda was a writer

Jo Simmons

That was beautiful & you are beautiful!!! I live in Australia & read your blog because I'm an art student too.
Continue to be amazing! xx


I follow your blog but I rarely comment. But I thought that you should know that you are already making the world a better place.xx

Sarah Elana

What a beautiful post. And the photos are fabulous, very endearing and honest.

Amanda DiGiondomenico

I often dream of moving away and owning a pair of goats.


This was my very first time visiting your blog and I can assure you it will definitely not be my last. Great post.

Meghan MacTavish

Beautifully put Kim, your goodness shines through your blog so much - I've been shyly following your blog for a while now, I used to follow you way back in the day when I was a scrapbooker, then I found you again when I started knitting last summer. Needless to say, your blog puts a smile on my dial whenever I fly on by for a visit. xxx

Ali Ridgway

I hope you know how inspiring you are! You have such talent and creative ability but it's the human touch in your posts that reaches out to people. We follow your journey, thank you for your inspiration and wish you well x




i really enjoyed that. I've been following your blog for a while but now i love it even more :)


So beautiful. And I love your new(ish) glasses!

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