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October 22, 2012


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Sarah Dickson

Aww Amy rocks!! :D

Apart from Amy too of course, I've met most of my best friends online and even my boyfriend! Thank heavens for the internet ;)


this post makes me:
-want bangs
-want flannel shirts
-want to go to the albert & victoria museum (#nexttime)

i've met some amazing people through the onlines. it's fab.


Aww! I haven't met any friends online yet, but i've definitely strengthened friendships with people who have moved away. So cool to see some real relationships happening outside the netz!xo (oh oh and I love it when friends birthdays are close, my bestie's bday is the 9th of Nov and mine is the tenth! joint birthdays rock!- oh and happy birthdays for in a few weeks!!!)


Grettings from Mexico
Great blog

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