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September 30, 2008


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So, this really is like the very best post EVER and I'm saving it and stealing all the ideas because I have to throw a little party like this! love it!

Michelle Clement

Oh my gosh...a knitting party! Dude, that rocks. :) Lovely table set-up and soft-lit photos. :)


what a perfect way to spend a day. so jealous. wish i could of been there!! :D
and all your photos rock!


How much fun!!! I wish I could've been there... then you could teach me how to knit! haha


Hi, I somehow made it to your blog from Flickr... I manage to find myself wandering aimlessly on the interwebnet quite often. Anywho, thought, if you dont know it already that Ravelry might be a good spot to stop at in terms of the knit craft and the like. As you were looking for patterns... have a look.
Love your style and obvious great talent. x

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