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February 05, 2009


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I <3 the last picture of you! What an awesome expression. You have now inspired me. How are you taking these? With a timer or shutter release.

kim smith

self timer.
and yay!


I love the black and white one of you and how the shadow is cast on the wall.


dude. the video ay-door-able!!

i want to take vintagey photos now.....


love the video!! ha ha! Does it offend you, yeah? are one of my faaaaavourite bands, got to see them live last year, the gig was mental. It felt like i was in an episode of skins! We are opposites, i cannot bear the winter, i LIVE for the summer. And i work for a road maintenance company so things have been craaaazy with all the snow this week. Yukness. Think i might do Reading this year and Glasto next. Is it your first festival? You'll have so much fun!! Thanks for sharing the vintage links :)


ya! Sid was my fav, although i do a have a lil crush on Dev Patel since seeing Slumdog... i'm a bit disappointed this season too, i thought last weeks episode was a bit full on!! And that guy is a mega chav, i like the skater dude though.

DIOYY, saw them in Portsmouth, our local venue is quite small so it was crazyness.


so much fun stuff goin on here!!

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