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February 22, 2009


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well. purple hair or no. you still are adorable....

can't wait to see more of my class pretties. :D


I love all of your creative amazingness! (and that quilt on your bed is beautiful, too!)


ahhh, you are so lovely and all of your creativity is inspiring me to stay up late and make something fun tonight. and congrats on being in portals - how fantastic!


Hey Hey! Fret not about your new hair colour, i think it looks gorgeous! Like your journalling style on the page about you & Jon & that Snow page is adorable, you two looks SO cute! i have done nothing for the RVA class yet, ought to get a move on with that! Hope school isn't as bad as you're expecting.


Love what you did to the notebooks!!!!!!!!
And you always look so darn cute in all your pics!!


so i loooove the layouts that you did. especially the first one. also i'm pretty sure i've mentioned it . . .but those curtains are to die for.



i love your blog, you're so creative and amazing! love the retro vibe! xo

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