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March 16, 2009


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i love your photos!


eeek. i love the t-shirts. i'm kinda inspired by tees recently, i want to get a whole bunch of vintage ones for summer.

wouldn't they be just lovely paired with flip-flops, high waisted shorts, and floppy bags. eek. i need summer. NOW.

can't wait to see the new pretties. paintings?!?! eeeeek!

London Tierney

I love your blog..and your scrapbooking stuff! Paintings...yes, please!


Oooh, the black and whites are gorgeous.

I miss RVKC a ton. I just started subscribing to Kenner Road kits and once in awhile I buy a kit from Sweet Twee Labs, those kits always have tons of vintage papers and goodies in them.


Hi Kim, I read all your blog posts :)
I look forward to reading them actaully.
That's all :)


hi I check your blog on a daily bases,I would love it if you kept up the wonderful photography :].

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