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March 18, 2009


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don't forget my blog in your list!! :P


luv ya girl!!
this post was sooo much fun to read and look through.

Christina C

oh you lucky girl! having the pow stuff in a scrapbook!

I am saving mine until I have enough lomo photos for a proper summer mini.

your photos always inspire me. can't wait to see what you do about the remote.

if you ever wish to stop by and visit my blog, it is


have a great day!


very exciting!! i *love* the illustrations for the book - it looks scienc-ey . . .which of course would intrigue me. i love when science and art converge. haha.

i'm following your blog, but feel free to come and visit me in blog land any time.


xoxo jer.

Sarah M

first of all...LOVE the childrens illustrations! A dream of mine is to write one, so that is very close to my heart! Way to go!
PS--coke floats are THE BEST!



holy inspiration batman post amazingness.


yay! i looove your illustrations! xo!


oh the glorious MDW days. i miss that place.

lovely post kim, you always have the best eye candy.

i've been a really awful blogger lately, but feel free to stop by! i'm on spring break right now so hopefully i'll have more time to post fun things.


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