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April 23, 2009


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kim you are so cute. this was a pleasure, thank you :]


we have the same planner?!?!?!

we are destined to be together, kim. i believe it.

you are too, too adorable! goodness. i loved this. i love your voice. and your giggle.

i'm very particular about people's giggles and, oh my, i love yours.

yay! :)


OMG your accent seems a lot more English these days! i'm sure in your last video you had more of an American twang.

i am soooo behind on the RVA Projects! i'm really into stitching at the moment too, i'm planning on stitching the polaroid camera onto a pocket soon, but still trying to find the perfect top.

jen geigley

you are making me laugh! you are adorable and i just want to TALK to you, like for real. go make your picnic blanket! lo is using ours on her bed right now. ;)


I'm convinced we all need to live in a crafty village together and be friends for life. :)


I loved it


omigosh - the cuteness it too much!


AAHHH kim! i finally get to hear your voice! oh i love you--so awesome! your cuteness is astounding, really :)
ps i've missed you!!

Jamie {inspired mess}

You are toooo cute!!! Love your stitching on your clothes and that lace...awesome!!! Listening to you and your adorable accent was such fun. Happy day to you!


OMGOSH YOU ARE ADORABLE! make more vlogs i totally loved this!
vlog vlog vlog.
ps lace shirt is AWESOME!

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