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May 16, 2009


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Ashley Watts

I am SO full of inspiration right now! And guess who's looking at the Keri Smith shop right now?! Lol

Thanks, Kim, for sharing all of this...I'm definitely starring this in my google reader! haha

Jamie {inspired mess}

What an awesome list! I'm so glad you listed that shirt "I love nice people who make cool things"! I found the prints but not the shirts. Yay!
What great prints you found!!!!
Awesome, awesome post!!! Love it all!!! (& want it all too! lol)


oh man. inspiring.

amy lapi

you're cool :)


let me just wipe the drool from the corner of my mouth... you have such amazing taste kim, how do you find all these lovelies?!


awwwwww uber post, loved every one


you neeeeeed to get a tumblr so I can "like" every single photo you post - both your own stuff and others'. please! get a tumblr! :)

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