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May 22, 2009


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what wonderful slightly creepy fun! haha


Yay well done!
Looks like so much fun! When I was in Year 13 and we were leaving I got so drunk and our tutor got us a cake, my friends and I ate it all, haha.

sasha farina

OMG>. how fun! LOL..

Ashley Watts

Wow!! How cool! I definitely need friends who dress up for SURE now! lol This looks like too much fun! lol

jen geigley

this is just fantastic (and I'm sure a little bit sad) but what better way to do it. congrats to you, for making it through. and for doing it so beautifully. xo.

Laura Lopez

Congrats love!!! The theme is so magical, Makes me wish I went to a school with people willing to do that. :)


Congrats! These photos are so wonderful and magical, I love them.

I don't know how to cope, haha...


Hello Lovely! Did you receive my package yet??

How fun was your last day! Great job on the costumes.

Well these days, facebook is obviously a great tool for keeping in touch. Also regular msn chats keep things fresh! I manage to keep in touch with far away friends mostly through those & e-mails & packages. People who are closer I always make the effort to see. There is no magic answer. You will find that there are people who fall by the wayside & you can just be grateful to have known them. There are others who you can not see or talk to for a while but when you are back together, you pick up right where you left off! I strongly believe that we go through different stages of life & are surrounded by the different people that we need at the time. There are always new & magical pepole to meet, but those who are your true friends will always be close. :)


omg amazing!

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