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July 23, 2009


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I think you have very original ideas style.


i think we all go through this weird/retarded phase.

either that, or its you & me both!




i love you! confusion sucks.

(yes. that's all the wisdom i posess today...)


I hate how hard life can be at times! I guess my "have you ever.." would be

have you ever wanted so badly to be in love with every single part of life but something is holding you back from it?

I hate that feeling where you are aware of your bad feelings about yourself, etc and you want them to go away, but somehow they just don't leave?


but you are a beautiful person inside and out ms. kim!

erin conrad

to answer your question, yes.

to throw out niceness, you inspire me all the time through your realness and your art. it's been awesome to watch your style develop and so many of your pictures take my breath away.


yes to all of the above minus the bit about chilli con carne and & crisps. Ew!

i think it's a part of who everyone is, you've got to taste the sour in order to really appreciate the sweet :)


i think life wants to throw weird things at us to make us wonder whats real and whats not....everyone goes thru a phase. dont doubt yourself, you are such an inspiring person.

Sarah M

I, for one, love your art. It is beautiful and messy and texture and it's what I would want to stare at for long spaces of time if I didn't have two little kids, lol

amy lapi

i'll surprise you with niceness :) i have my share of these days. email me your addy, i have some surprises for you :)

kim smith

thanks everyone!

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