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July 08, 2009


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is ur course at the london college ofcommunication? my sister went there for a short course, the bathrooms in the dorms have hugggeee spiders! lol xx gud luck !


aw, sweetheart. enjoy your time in london and calm down about it all and enjoy the magic.

i'll be thinking of you.

love you lots.


kim i had the best time taking your class. it was so informative and sooo inspiring. i want to make travel journals for wherever i go. thank you so much for all your insight, i really do appreciate it.

and i hope you have a wonderful time in london. i'll be thinking of you this whole weekend while i test my new travel journal skills at the beach :]


hope things get better for you soon and that you have an amazing time in london.

as for spiders... i despise them so much i used to keep a small can of bugspray in my purse at all times (so i could just spray, then run away - since i'm too chicken to even go near them!)


i've had a rough couple of weeks too, first i got my heart broken then i got really sick. The broken heart was so much more painful.At some point you heal & are all the more stonger for it, but getting there is a struggle & can take a lot of time. You'll get by with a little help from your friends :)


wow your blog is ultra inspiring, i love it xxx


hi kim! i hope you start feeling better soon, and have a great class in london. i just wanted to let you know how AWESOME i thought your class was, and how much i enjoyed it! you've inspired me to be craftier on a daily basis! XD


I hope your trip calms your spirit and soul- we all need a chance to run away sometimes, even if somewhere on the horizon we know we have to return. -e


hi kim, i miss you :]

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