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December 30, 2009


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what lovely photos.


you are so good and so tough and i love you lots and lots! happy new year, friend. i'd give you a giant hug if i could!


i love your photos and your jacket. :)

here's to a healthy and prosperous new year, full of love and lots of hugs.

happy 2010,


09'has definately been one of the more difficult years for me, i won't be sad to say goodbye to it.

i'm off to see a Rolling Stones and a Beatles tribute band to see in the new year with a bang, most excited!

Here's hoping that twentyten will be completely awesome!

Account Deleted

not really any wise words from me on this day.

i'm thinking and praying for you, loves.


(when ever i type those i say "heart" in my head)

Ashley Watts

You're definitely one tough cookie, Kimpop (hehe). Here's to a happy, healthy, and creative 2010 - I have a feeling this one is going to be great!


erin conrad

oh hon, i know the feeling. and i wish i could hug YOU right now. your photos make me happy. know that for a fact!

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