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February 17, 2010


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aaaah. that picture is so perfect. i looove it.

also, the ones in the post before this are also super lovely.

also, i've been a bad commenter but yours is still one of my fave blogs to read. just fyi :D



I love your blog and your work! Keep it up!

Your film pictures always look so bright and colorful and nice. Do you develop and scan them yourself or do you have them done professionally? Also, do you cross-process them or is it just the expired film that makes them look so lovely?



oooo a photography class!!! love the idea! :D i have a couple of questions, mainly to do with the fact that i LOVE your photography and your little animations ive seen! :)

have you thought about doing some little animation tutorials or class!? im really interested in this and want to learn more if i can!

and... you recently posted your lomo wall for 2009, what cameras do you have?! and which ones did you use to create the wall?!

id love to do something like that and need to learn to use my lomos more! :)

oooo also... have you seen the new diana slr lens adapter!? you got one?! :) THANKS!!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog kim! :D


yay!! A photography class! i just got a Holga so i definately want all your tips :)

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