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March 14, 2010


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amy t schubert

I'm LOVING your drawings. .. .. . makes me want to draw again (I haven't really since elementary school)


kim smith happy art! oh.my.gosh!

I'd like to see more collage-y/scrappy-type/layered journal goodness.

merci beaucoup! : .)

Jane Cullen

Yay! I love the paper! I would love to see more of your journals. I love your stuff!

tiny twig

Yes! i'd love to see more of your journals. i'm so intrigued by art journals right now!!


kimmie! what a fun little collection of goodies. i'd lovelovelove to see more wonderful photos, you're one of my favorite photographers. your work is absolutely gorgeous :]


I would love to see more of your line drawings/journals. I'm so bad at keeping a journal or a sketch diary so it's so inspiring to look at others who do!

Whatever you decide though keep it coming!


ooo so pretty! you always make me want to bring out my watercolours and play with found paper!!! :D and I DEFO DEFO DEFO want to see more of your journals and photography! Id love to know what cameras you use and if you do digi, how do you edit them to make them cool! :D


I love paper scraps! I'm like an addict right now :D so I'd love to win this giveaway! I'd like to see some more journal pages because it always inspires me :)

Thanks for the chance!


oooh they look lovely! I love your photos, and your journals, so I'd love to see more of them!! thanks for the awesome giveaway! :)


as a fellow lover of drawing, I would LOVE to see more! I love the peeks into your drawings and little painting art.

I also would love if you talked more about your school and such. It's always nice to hear about other college-goers and how they manage to stay artistic. <3 I would love it!

Elaine R


I tweeted about your giveaway too!

Elaine R

Alison Ridgway

Hello Kim, I would like to see more journal pages which document your life, what college project you are doing, what you had for breakfast, what gallery you visited at the weekend, that sort of thing, all tied up in your unique package of hand-drawn alphabets, lomo pics and a ticket stub held on with masking tape x

amy lapi

oooooh i love seeing your scrapbook and journal pages. they are my fave :]

Ashley Watts

Oh Kim-pop I love everything about this! I know you already post your journal pages...but I would love to see more! Seeing those always make my day :)


i saw your blog banner in the artful blogging magazine! kudos, kim!

i would love to see more of your art journal as well as i love mixed media and it is such a beautiful representation of you in words & artistry.


oh i love everything you post about.
:) i love your art.


I love your blog...but I especially love your art journals! More, please!


Laura Stewart

more custom paper - so cute!


It would be cool to see some tutorials or how tos of some of your awesome journaling!

Tweeted here:

Kasey Best

Kasey the best!
You know I'm madly in love with everything you do, but I'd love to see more of your colorful drawings. I love your handwriting and everything that you do!


I love your drawings and I envy your handwriting! I would absolutely love to see tutorials for journaling <3

erica velez

i love your drawings especially the ones you did for your class so i would like to see more drawings and more of what inspires you as an artist


I would absolutely like to see more if your drawings. I love, love your photos on Flickr, and I think that having them together side by side (as you did recently) would be lovely!

-Chels xoxo


love your journal pages!
and i think your drawings are fantastic!
(found you from Viv's Quiet Nights class :)
love your blog and am adding it to my daily reader


hello there!
hope youre having a fab day:)
your journal pages are so inspiring to see,more please?
i love your work!


Oooh...I love this giveaway! I'd love to see more of your journals - you make such beautiful art!

Michelle Clement

Oh, lovely! What a sweet little pile of handmade goodness. :) I would love to see more of your journals and drawings - they're so inspiring! My fingers are crossed...


I would love to see more of your drawings and journalling. I've just taken Viv's art journalling class and am keen to see what others create to try and find my style of art journalling. Love your drawings lady! x


Hmm, did my comment vanish? I swear I posted something here...*scratches head*

I love everything you share, I always like hearing about your art & your life. :)


I tweeted: http://twitter.com/PaperJot/status/10467199590 :))


Wow. You have some fab inspiration on your blog right now. Love your journal pages and am glad to see I am not the only one with issues about drawing people :)

Stacey Sargent

I absolutely love your blog! I love when you post journal pages, and I love your self portraits! Pretty much love everything you do!!!


Heyy Kim! Your art is really inspiring :) I'm going to agree with loads of others, by saying I'd love to see more of your journal pages!

Hope you enjoy Easter Break!

Amy x


Hello Kim,
I love your style. I particularly like when you add text to your work. Your drawings are very loose and interesting to look at. I also like your painted papers, journals, artist books (I bought one awhile ago), and scrapbooking kits.
Thanks for doing the giveaway!

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