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June 27, 2010


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Thank-you for sharing this. It is so heartfelt. I love the pictures of you from when you are younger- especially the last one. Continue to be brave and move forward. You have a wonderful time ahead of you with your new home. Good luck and many blessings!

Ashley Watts

I really love reading things like this. Just in the time I've known you (online, of course lol) I can tell you've grown so much. Definitely proud of you and good luck with everything, Kimpop! :)


& that post dear grl was beyond beautiful w/ it's truth & poetry!

catina jane

love this and relate so much right now!


When reading this I felt like reading about myself a bit :) Now I'm even more excited about meeting you in person. I hope you won't be disappointed..and also know that I won't :)


I very much enjoy this post. And the way you wrote it our as well. I feel very much the same, only from ages 22 to 26.

It's a blessing you can see this all now. See how much you've grown and changed. Enjoy the journey!

Happy [every] day to you,
Jenipher :)

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