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June 02, 2010


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I like that you and Kara are keeping it real. Too many craft-bloggers show these beautiful, inspiring, un-cluttered workspaces that just make the rest of us feel badly that our spaces don't look like that! You can't even walk into my craft room right now. It's waiting for summer break for me to clear a path and tidy up a bit.

Enjoy your end of your end-of-year/beginning of break time.


love this blog!


Your room looks so awesome! Mine is a ridiculous shambles... I tidy and organise so often, and still it's never quite right!!

Love Axxx

ps. Kim, I'mma add you on Facebook if that's okay? It's Amy Edwards Green - just so you don't think I'm a total creeper :)

Account Deleted

Can I just say that I love you? Because I know I say it in every single damn comment I leave on your blog, but it's true.

And I think messy places are way more inspiring then the tidy ones. I've adored the few photos I've seen of Sabrina Ward Harrison's space and yours is no exception.

Yay for keeping it real! :)

Jaime Evans

I love your "messy studio" pictures! To me it seems like there is a sense of cohesion going on there- like you are working on several projects that are related, or something.


I love your workspace photos, they always look lovely and I definitely think that they are more beautiful than uncluttered places.

((I have the exact same computer as you! Seems like its every art students must have))

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