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July 23, 2010


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Thanks so this! I love getting to know you more! You are incredible. Oh.. p.s. i am a HUGE harry potter fan (like for awhile we were thinking of doing a harry potter themed wedding) and i think you should make broaches with the houses on them! well..that is a great idea, i want to do it too lol. lets be a team


kim that post really made me smile!


Oh wow! I'm 5'10..I always hated it in school but now I couldn't care less lol


My question was answered :D
I love fanfiction, I actually write it for manga I love, so I probably win on the geeky front ^_^


Your writing is so good! Your not bad at all! Good luck on the application to get Remus! Is a board like a forum? Will you share the link to the board if you get in as Remus? :) Im sure you will, I really enjoyed that little paragraph, hehe :) Thanks for the answer to my crochet question by the way! Im going to have a go at the tutorial later :)

michael ann

that's awesome that you're originally from the bay area, i am toooo!

also, your little baby braids are super cute :]


I just came across your blog today for the first time and I absolutely love it! I wish I'd found it when I was still living in the UK so I could have checked out your stuff. Keep up the good work. You're truly inspiring.

amy lapi

love this Q&A! i've fallen behind on your blog but i'm catching up today and i LOVE what you've been up to! i wish you weren't thousands of miles away so we could play + create together. you remind me so much of myself. :)

xoxo.. i've missed you lately!


yay! that is my question.
I am so excited about that lion broach too.

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