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August 05, 2010


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Your portfolio is gorgeous! I seriously regret specialising in painting for foundation... illustration looks so much more awesome!

Sarah D.

now i know why i didn't get into a artschool, i was boring-thank you for sharing this. i hope i will have time to try once more (i think i don't want to study, just to get in).


Beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing!!

Nora Anne

Thanks for sharing your work, I'm intrigued :)


This is amazing really, I'm gobsmacked. Thanks for sharing!

co Erin


I'm starting art school in Chicago in 3 weeks! AHH! I wanted to go to a school in the UK, oh well. I'd love to see more!

michael ann

that was seriously so inspiring! i love the way you styled it, all cut and paste sketchbook looking. keep up the awesome work :]

Desiree Fawn


This is all sorts of brilliant!


I just discovered your blog today via Justine and it is a total delight! Your portfolio looks fabulous.


thank you for sharing! these are so amazing!
i did the foundation at lcf and it was very much about being 'tidy' and pushed to run before you could walk, very little space for development of style.

It has been so inspiring and valuable to me to see an artistic, REAL artistic portfolio :)

Now i'm working full time but experimenting alot and developing all my skills to see how i can use them in my style :)


Um, this is AMAZING. I would love love LOOOOOVE to sit down and just soak it all up! Seriously.

Write a book and make it like this. I would be first in line to buy it. I love this sort of stuff.

Michelle Clement

Oh, lovely! Thanks so much for sharing!! I'm about to apply to school, again, and this is super-inspiring/insightful. :)


this is fantastic! you can tell a lot of work and heart went into it, very impressive

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