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January 14, 2011


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Erika Lee Sears

OMG! How awesome is that! I did an art house project awhile back and thought it was great experience. :)


I ADORE YOUR BLOG! I read it every day and it just inspires me! I love sketching and drawing and I am super mad at myself for not studyin smth illustration related. SO I live my dream through you, haha. I know it sounds weird and stalkerish, but I'm not like that :D I'm just a fan :X

With Lavender and Lace


its soo good to meet you!! And thanks for the sweet message!
I love your blog and I cant believe i havent stumbled onto it yet!

+++++ i really want to do a candy swap omgggg
+++your illustration work i beautiful! so jealous! I wish i were blessed with drawy hands!
+++++visiting england as soon as possible maybe even next fall! my best friend spent this past semester studying in bristol. he loved it and made a ton of friends. we will be traveling there SOOON.
++anything you ever want to collaborate on. we should do some text/image work together!

okay. have a really great day. email me again! we should be penpalz!



How exciting Kim! Congrats! Wish the tour was coming to my town, but alas, it's not even coming to Arizona!


amazing !! i especially love the girl with the french braid :)

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