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February 25, 2011


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Erin Kate

Whenever I'm sick I crave tiny needles & yarn too. :) Feel better!


When I'm not feeling so well I do the same thing, on;y I don't knit I crochet or sew. They are my latest obsessions! Knitting still seems a little more complicated to me.
Mittens and knitted illustrations would be some interesting items for your shop. I think they would be unique!

Carrie Rosalind

I love your room - the colors are so pretty! :)


Soooooooooooooo adorable ..... looks really comforting to me. Ooh, I see someone said knitted illustrations .... sounds AMAZING. Bev.

Michelle Clement

Oh, fun!! :) Kudos on using such small needles & yarn! Things like little doilies and tights just blow my mind!! lol. The yellow of your bedspread + the wall color is so pretty, too. And knitted illustrations?? Eeek!


i have been really bad at letting you know, but i have LOVED all your knitting posts lately. they make me 'miss' you even more and wish harder that we could just hang out. i am very excited to hear that you might knit for renegade london ... yesssss!!

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