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April 06, 2011


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aww kim! that is so awesome!


yay! awww I'm so so so happy for you! I know what a big deal this is - and I am mega jealous of Louie - he is a bit of a looker. Well done sweetpea! loves xxx

PS. thank you for your super sweet comment. you're the best.

PPS.how did you get the effect on that photo? It's gorgeous!

Sophie Wearing

Awh, it's so nice when these things bring us a smile!

Just to let you know, ive tagged you in the Kreativ blogger award here http://ciderwithsophie.blogspot.com/2011/04/kreativ-blogger-award.html


Michelle Clement

Yay, Kim! :) Happy riding!!


Ah yes I know this life, and I miss it! Poor Blackie is obselete now but me and my boy have fond memories of buzzing around together on a Belladonna. It -is- so empowering to have your own transport like this, and I love knowing someone else feels the same =)

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