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April 12, 2011


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I am having a good tuesday thanks ;P I'm so glad I've found your blog - it has boosted my mood no end.

But anyway, I love both of the trends that you are 'bringing back' so to speak. We used to have to wear skorts (although we called them kulots (sp?) ) back at brownies and I used to really like them. Although thoughs are way way prettier :) And also, if Icould get hold of them then it might give me more incentive to ride a bike more often! So you might want to look to your pattern stash or I might just try and steal it :P

And also, I've been meaning to crochet myself a granny square cardi for ages - i think they are so cool. Thanks for reminding me to put that back on my to do list.

Sorry for the extra long post!

Dana Burton

Good idea, Kim! How do you feel about the knee socks?

Rita Jo

go scooter shirts! I am a fan of skorts through and through. In fact I am sad that I no longer own any that fit me :/

I'd love a tute if you're going to be making your own :)

I will be bringing back the fanny pack I think ;)

Have a wonderful weekend kim!


We call them skorts. And I used to wear them all of the time around the 3rd grade! I've been hunting for some vintage shorts patterns. but all of the ones I'm finding are too tiny. So, I think this Summer's project will be to figure out how to alter patterns for my own body. You'll have to share if you do something similar! :) xo

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