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July 09, 2011


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I cannot wait!!!!! Reading this only made me more excited!


AHHHH! Those are my most-hoped-for moments as well! These HP posts are making me so anxious, I can't wait much longer to see this movie.


Ahhh I'm excited too. I HATEDHATEDHATED bellatrix with a passion so when molly does what she does, (trying to avoid the spoiler) I literally yelled out 'YES!!!. I can't wait for the prince's tale either. Eek, I'm geeking out over here.

but it's also so sad. There will never be, for me, an adventure quite like the HP one. *tear*


The last couple of days I've been in a strange mood. Seeing videos from the London premiere and watching the trailers over and over again. I thought I'm not one of the big fans, but I think I actually am. Reading these lines makes me look forward to the last movie so much! And seeing Emma and Joan crying brought tears to my eyes too..

Anyway, I read that the epilogue should be quite short compared to the one in the book. We will see, we will see :)


Yes yes & yes. Harry for life.

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