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July 18, 2011


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I love this idea, I have never thought of it before..
I usually listen to music of Jack Johnson, usually to study and be more concentrated. It helps also for draw and write.


Thank you for the tip! I am trying to improve my drawing skills (very rusty) and am currently participating in the ICAD project: I am finding these daily doodles and such are a great way of experimenting. I also have Carla Sonheim's book to spark ideas and techniques to try. I will have to try your drawing to music too - I definately agree that music evokes emotion and feelings that are then expressed through other mediums...


Oh Kim. You make miss art school so bad! Am definitely going to try and raise funds so I can go back sometime in the future! Axx

Ps. My iPhone is not doing a good job with the hotel wifi, so will look forward to re-reading these posts and being able to see all the photos when I get home from Espana!

Dana Burton

what a great post! Thanks.

Dana Burton

Michelle Clement

Oooh - love this!! :) we used to do something similar in writing class, kind of a free writing thing where you'd get a prompt every minute and it'd be super-inspiring to do...must try this!

Jessica Zhang

Haha, I see me in one of the photos!!

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