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January 05, 2012


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Love your notebooks! I took a lot of notes in college, but most of my classes were not ones that really inspired me to doodle. I was also really weird about having super-organized notes, and everyone always wanted to copy them. lol


I am a huge fan of doodling and took it up when I started Teacher Training...I find it helps me to stay focused. My collegues and friends always want to see what I have created at the end, and they give me advice 'a little colour there would be good' haha. I like that they feel they can contribute. I save them all, I have a square lined book just like yours that I journal in and doodle, but also I doodle on handouts in meetings, on anything!
Ah, I will blog mine soon too...inspired to share x


I just wanted to drop by and say that I saw one of your watercolors on The Beauty Department! Congrats! I love that website!


Your notebooks are so inspiring! I love them :)


I used to draw robots in the corner of my french spelling test ~ but I had a habit of doodling rather than taking notes.
The roses you've drawn are very lovely, I love looking at others notebooks/journals/sketchbooks.


I'm never without my laptop in classes - taking notes by hand at a rapid-fire pace is too much for my poor hands! So unfortunately I can't doodle on/next to my notes... love yours though! So creative.


Michelle Clement

I take tons of notes - and I refuse to take them on a laptop. :) I wish i had more time to doodle, but I'm a slowish writer...lol. Always scrambling to keep up. I listened to a Ted Talk the other day about how beneficial doodling is - that it helps us process our thoughts, more, so kudos to you & your lovely drawings! he he.

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