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February 28, 2012


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Good luck! Really looking forward to seeing how they all turn out.

It's been a long time since I tried dyeing with anything other than a box of Dylon, but - back in the mists of time (ahem) - I had best results with onion skins (beautiful strong yellow) and beetroot (pretty obvious!).



Oh wow, sounds so exciting and witchey (in a good way - hubble bubble!) I have never really used natural dyes, did a LOT of chemical dying at college: tie dye, batik, discharge, disperse - all of it...I love it. I love the processes, the smells, the colours (obviously) and the experiments. I wish I had done a lot more at college, and didn't really realise that when I left it would be such a hard thing to do in my lounge!? haha
I went to a silk factory in Cambodia last year, and they used many natural dyes: rocks, plants and wood but one funny one was rusty nails! Comes out a lovely grey when boiled up. Yum! Goodest luck :)


That sounds amazing if i works out i would love to buy some wool from you


I don't dye yet, but it is something I would love to try!


I did a 2 year diploma in textile arts, so we did a lot of dyeing. my favourite was marigold; it makes a really beautiful golden yellow.


this is awesome! I have made lots of tie-dye in my time. my favorite thing to do is socks :)

Corey Marie

Beautiful! I used natural dyes to do Easter Eggs a few years ago: http://hipstersguide.coreymarie.com/2009/04/09/naturally-dyed-easter-eggs/


That sounds so cool! I'm doing a project on tie dye for yarns (ikat), and it's well fun :D. I used to also do batik and I did natural dyeing in my first year of textiles but it seemed too difficult to grasp :( xxx

Rita Jo

So neat!!!


this is an AMAZING post. Ive always been fascinated by natural dying processes!THOSE rose petals are the prettiest and heather is so so lovely! DIDJA know that heather means good luck, admiration and friendship? bah im lezzy for flowerssssss <3

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