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February 25, 2012


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Holy Moly I laughed my pants off at this hahaha! I love all the chopping and changing and random bits, very cuuuute! I love Call the Midwife too, the fashions are my passions. My Mum grew up in London around that time and she and I talk about how it compares with her memories, which she says it does a lot. It freaks the heck oout of me to think of having a baby at home tho...er?!

Vlogs all the way Kim...and yes to the 'what's in my pencil case' feature :) x x

Michelle Clement

Hah! This is awesome. :) Like, the most awesome Q & A video I've seen, yet...he he.

Lisa Gutierrez

Hii, you! This was pretty amazing.

I love Chummy, toooo!

Rita Jo

You're so adorable - I am definitely looking forward to the pencil case post!


Such a funny and cool vlog! I love your voice! I think it was quite funny when you were dancing at the beginning and the cat was just like..ok :). What a lovely cat. I hope there are lots more vlog's to come!
-Becky x


I loved seeing you in "real life"! This was a long time coming. Your accent goes in and out, it's so cute! And what's up with all those short bloggers! I can't wait to see another vlog.


That was great! I can't wait for pencil case post!


1. you're TOO cute.
2. your hair has got so long!
3. i miss you!



im watching this and laughing so much. you are awesome


ALSO the slight OMBRE hair is AWESOME

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