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March 17, 2012


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haha, so fun and funny. I will lovingly refer to you both as a pair of 'fruit-loops' and look forward to more loopy vlog fun. Adventures of Jazz and Kim await :)


you guys are too cute! :D Jazz I love your jumper! (and congrats for finishing your hat!) <3

Mademoiselle Marie

seems like you had a lot of fun :) Jazz's hat is cute - love the colors!
And I liked how you said 'Auf Wiedersehen' at the end :D


lovely hat! you guys are great, I cant' wait for another vlog of yours.


haha i love it! well done on the hat jazz. i've just finished watching elycia's vlogs and I saw yours! Great fun! I wana see close up pics of the swatches, they RAWK!

cable?! cable?! one day i will learn :)
s well done for the patience with dying n stuffs. I've never got the hang of spinning properly and its been a dream!


Erin Kate

I love it! Adorable!


Jazz looks like Jena Malone! Cool video!


so cute!! I've always been interested to hear how you speak and see if you have an accent! Ya, I'm nosey! You girls are adorable :)


This is fantastic! Wish I had a partner in crime to make silly knit vlogs. Keep this going!

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