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April 21, 2012


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You're one of the bravest people I know <3


One day at a time :)

Nicola Tingey

aw sweetie, sounds really tough. I like the above comment - one moment at a time - and sometimes I break difficult days into 'one step at a time' - and I have your postcards around the house to keep me on track with that! I almost took a year out of my degree between years 2 and 3. I found it so hard to find my mojo. IN the end I got it back and the rest is history...but I know lots of people who deferred and went on to have a really great year 3. ON reflection I wish I had taken the year. I forced myself through the last year and it could have been so much better. But this is all in retrospect, and we can only ever choose what is right for us at the time. I don't believe in regrets anyway, all is for a reason.
Some things that have helped me:
- wrap your body in thoughts of love and comfort
- reach out to trusted friends
- try not to isolate for too long
- journal
- take gentle exercise when able
- get a massage or something soothing like that
- watch some good comedy to trick the body and mind into feeling better
- watch crap telly (mine are Judge Judy and Border Patrol!) haha

Lots of love and hugs coming your way x x


I don't know how many times during my degree I just wanted to quit because it was so hard. Being chronically ill and studying is exhausting but it means when you finish you can feel so much more proud of yourself. When I first got ill I never dreamt I'd ever get a degree and I finished my BA Hons in February ( had to do an extra term)

You can do it!

Hannah Clare

I know how you feel. It's all I can do to just keep moving these days. At least we are not alone in this, yes?


Hope you feel better soon. I spent a big part of the day in bed too, but that's because it is Saturday and possible.. Keep your head up :)




Thank you for writing this, I need reminding at the moment. Degrees are no joke! (and don't I know it, haha). Hope you feel better soon.


So good to know Im not alone, hope everything will be ok for you, it sounds like you are dealing with it well though, knitting usually helps with anything!
Had a massive panic/stress/failure fear yesterday, and dealt with it by cleaning my whole room and writting a load of lists, lists can really help dejunk your brain. It will be ok!

Nina Rae Bishop

I hope you're feeling better. I like your blog!

samantha c

i think you deal with your illness ridiculously well, 80% of people would probably rationalize it very differently ! lovely photos, as always

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