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April 14, 2012


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Yum, dr pepper! Love the colours, they look so cosy!!


I wish I could spend a day with you and learn a thing or two :D


Good luck with filming. You're so cute! And I'm very excited for something called "Crafting with Kim!"


I love all these shots. You are too cute!


When I first saw the last two pictures, I thought there were two of you and one of you was hiding in front of the table from the you behind the table haha.

ANYWAY, the yarn looks lovely and I wish I could spin!



I just found your blog via Elycia! The photo of you in your kitchen looks so cozy. I love the idea of a kitchen swift. And I am just so into your basket-installed wall of yarn. Oh man. A good knitting blog is hard to find.

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Amazinggg! I miss knitting socks already and I've only been working on my jumper a week! I'm going to make learning colour work my life's ambition! Haha. love you.

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