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May 23, 2012


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you're the best & a huge inspiration.


BE BRAVE! BE BRAVE LIKE MY MOTHER! ...okay so only half of that quote really works... haha. The greatest achievements are the one's that are hardest won. I love you.

ps. if all else fails, at least you have beautiful hair! <3


My boyfriend had ME for 5 years of his childhood. He got a year behind in everything and when he got to A levels he had to do the same thing you're talking about (2 year course in 1 year). But he got through it all, got into a great university, and is now going to do his masters here in America with me. I know if he can do it then you can too! He had to work a lot harder at everything but he always tells me he's so grateful for how he turned out because of it all. We're both rooting for you :)


have you ever heard of Alain De Botton? he done this fantastic philosophy series on channel 4 a few years back. he is so optimistic and has a really direct way of speaking that just seems to make things click! when i was unhappy i stumbled across them and they freshened up my perspective instantly. i recently read his book 'how proust can change your life', proust was bedridden for most of his life, he was very ill and in the book he gives these weird ways of rationalizing illness and persevering through it all. you're already very good at pulling through, evidently, but maybe these might inject a new way of thinking or just a small little idea into your day, http://www.channel4.com/programmes/philosophy-a-guide-to-happiness/episode-guide/series-1
, i really, really recommend them! especially the ones on self esteem and hardship! hope you feel chirpier soon.


You can do this. As much as it makes you feel like yelling into a pillow it is true, everything will be okay. Except, everything will be better than okay, it will be bloody fantastic.

You get out of life what you put in. And you are putting in so much. Eventually, you will reap the rewards. Sometimes the meantime sucks, is all.


thank you so much, this is exactly what i needed right now! you can do it, i can do it, we can do it, cheesy as it sounds it is true.
lots of love!


Oh Kim my heart aches for you!! I know how terrible it can be to lose all your pictures.. So hard. But I am glad you are looking on the bright side and realize how wonderful it is that you do have copies of them on the internet. Not all is lost and that is a very good thing.

And in regards to school. I feel your pain. It can be hard and frustrating and sometimes feels like it will never end. But you are a smart and wonderfully creative girl who I am pretty sure can handle the challenge!!!

So don't worry be happy.
and yes I know sometimes it is FAR easier said then done.

Hoping your day is wonderful!


eurgh, second year is the worst! I've heard that from so many people as well... It's probably because it feels like you are right in the thick of it! The sensation of trying to keep your head above water is so bang on. But what got me through is just simply thinking "everything will turn out ok in the end, because it just has to". And it does :) Good luck with it all, you can do it! x Rachel


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