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May 28, 2012


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glad you feeling better, i find it too easy to get overloaded at times. so many pressures on myself.

It'd be cool to meet next time
I'm in london, i was real busy last time but next time should be better :)


Rita Jo

So glad you have a bit of time to recover!
The last time I looked it up the BBC player isn't currently available in the States, makes me sad!
I've added some of the things you've mentioned to my "watch list" -- Game of Thrones - we're addicted!



Oh my gosh, me and my sister are absolutely obsessed with Game of Thrones! Isn't that show fantastic?? Hope you're enjoying it :)

-Jessica (Sew In Love)

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Hi there,

Just popping in to say I LOVE your blog. I feel like you're a younger version of me actually. Before I had babies and if I had chosen to pursue my art instead of Social Work. Now I'm yearning for creativity and trying to find that part of myself again.

You're totally inspiring me.. Thanks!



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