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July 19, 2012


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JAZZILOVEYOURJUMPER. I couldn't concentrate properly because I was overwhelmed by it's majesty! haha <3


Lool you guys crack me up!

Helen O

Ha, you guys are so funny and awesome! Jazz is definitely adorable and tiny.
I know i'm supposed to do a vlog but I'm not a fan of being on film so I'll have to answer here instead :)
1. Definitely AIDS or Cancer.
2. A unicorn, how cool would that be! You could ride them and they could fight your enemies with their horn, and I'm sure they would have magical powers, I mean obviously!
(You'd never think I was nearly 30 would you, lol. I promise I don't have a room full of unicorns or anything, although my hubby collects Star Wars/Doctor Who figures,does that count? Anyway I'm rambling so I'll shut up now :D )


I'm so excited you guys answered my vlog questions! I love the riding dinosaurs answer. :) You guys are so cute!

Meghan MacTavish

Adorably cute. "we don't get out much...." ;D

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