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July 18, 2012


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yes paper kits! im not major into scrapbooking but i really want some nice papers etc

beautiful spinning! how do you wash the wool before spinning?

Barnicles x


I really like the yellow. It's so pretty. What will you use it for?


Gorgeous yarn!
It's always a pleasure to read your blog.
Thanks for sharing with us such beautiful moments.

Hez Bm

yay! i can't bring myself to throw away a dye bath either! i like to pop my fibre i the old bath then add spots of contrasting colours on top to get magical new mixes :D
Love the colours you've made and the subtle two tone is awesome :D xxx


Can I say something really dorky? I absolutely love the herringbone-y fabric you've photographed these on!

ps. the yarn is amazing, of course!
pps. yes! I have the same dye problem - but when dyeing clothes - I have a lot of tie-dyed knickers as a result of this!
ppps. loveyou!

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