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September 04, 2012


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Helen O

Love the badges Kim, thanks for the opportunity, I'm a big fan of your blog :)


ooh, that's a tough one cause i love them both. i'm gonna go with 1 i think.
love the blog :)

Chelsea Ward

So cute, wish I could make it to Renegade! I really like set number one but they're all awesome.


I'm in!
Your blog always makes my day.
Thanks for sharing delightful moments of your life.

I choose the first ones :)

Samantha Conlon

i would love the Hogwart ones! :)

Hannah Clare

It's so hard to decide which set! They're both perfect. I think I'd have to go with set 2.


//not a giveaway entry// I feel people who can't go to renegade should be given a chance to win them! Seeing as I'll be there, seems unfair :) but OMG. Weasley is our king! You are the best. The end.

Jennifer O.

I love row #1, especially the Art equals Happy logo badge!! :)


I love your blog and these badges are awesome!

Meghan MacTavish

I am an ultimate Art Equals Happy fangirl - I love row #1!


Those are so perfect! Thanks so much for the giveaway!! I love Harry Potter, so those badges would be so awesome to have :)

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