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September 17, 2012


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you are so beautiful mama!


You don't need makeup! You have such great skin! x

Megan Anderson

I don't even own hardly any make-up! I had to buy some foundation for a wedding I was a groomswoman in, but other than that, nada. It's so expensive and I save tons of time skipping it.


you are gorgeous! :) did I tell you about the project I did for foundation where I had to take loads of photographs of myself seconds after I'd woken up? I pinned them all around my studio space. Happy times. Alas, I have skin like a 13yr old's, and while I know looks don't matter etc, it makes me feel dirty to look at it! :/ Hey ho. lifehard.


Your tired morning face is a pretty nice face, and it's the kind of face that makes me think if I commented as often as I read, we'd be good crafting friends :-) Your sweater looks pretty sweet, too.


Lady, you look gorgeous! Seriously. I especially love your hair and outfit - that cardi is so comfy looking!

You could say I use make-up like a little girl does... It's like dress up. I love colors and textures, changing my look and looking pretty just because I'm *me*, it's just a little something extra!

However, I have uber sensitive skin... So I rarely ever where more than lipstick/gloss/chapstick/etc.

Make-up IS wonderful, in my opinion, but it's NOT a "must wear" thing. Everyone is gorgeous in their natural state!

P.S. I'm a new reader - hi!

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