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January 29, 2013


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Sending you lots of love and hope you feel your sunshiney self again soon! Also, I am very jealous that you have vine. My kitties send their kisses too. Their breath smells like tuna so enjoy!

Alexis Hilgert

I hope you start to feel better soon! Your blog always makes me smile! And your yarn is just beautiful!!

Stephanie (foggyknitter)

Loads and loads of sympathy, remember trying to do a degree while feeling like that and it wasn't pretty. Make sure you keep your uni up to date with how you are and see your doctor fairly frequently if you need to for certificates etc. as if you then need more time or can't do something then everyone will be in a better place to support you. Sorry to preach, just btdt and keeping in touch and having doctors' notes etc. saved my skin in the end. Hopefully by now you're feeling much brighter and breezier though. x

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