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March 12, 2013


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Lovely video and very reassuring. I'm in my first year of art school and just doing boring foundation classes, but it's good to remember try your best, but also not to be to hard on yourself. I know that I need reminding that just because I didn't do well on something I worked hard on, doesn't mean it's the end of the world. <3


I love being able to to relate to you Kim because we are both in art school and I know exactly how it is. I'm going into my senior year next fall for my bfa in watercolor and its terrifying. I can't imagine having the work you are doing now be apart of you final. People can change so much in a short time. The struggles and successes both help you grow and become a better artist. Goodluck sweetheart!


You have a lovely blog! I really enjoyed your posts about dyeing and spinning. I'm a returning student in my 30s studying art in Portland OR. I can definitely relate to this video. It's hard to put so much work into projects and have them not come out like you hoped. It's all part of the learning process. :) Take care - Tricia

editing an essay

Thanks for this video. I dream one day I can be like you. :


back when i was studying i had finals that counted for 75% of the mark and i blanked. it's haunted me, but you know what - your video reminded me that we are all human and with that comes failures and successes.

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